Jokoga is going to the Tokyo Game Show

Everything ready for the Tokyo Game Show 2013 ! Jokoga Interactive will be at the “Business Days” of the Tokyo Game Show, seeking for clients to develop videogames for and seeking for Publishers for our first videogame; “Melting Down”.

Jokoga Interactive it’s proud to be part of the international videogame community, no more and no less than in JAPAN.

Here you can enjoy the teaser video of our first videogame, “Melting Down”. A graphic adventure game, as the classics, based in the Arctic regions which suffer the impact of the climate change in a terrible and direct way.

The melting down of the North Pole has changed the daily living of a big population in the Arctic regions,. During the fun puzzles to solve and characters to talk to, “Melting Down” offers the chance to learn about a millenarian culture that it’s about to dissapear due the climate change.

Enjoy it, coming soon… Melting Down.