Jokoga Interactive’s birth through its brand image.

Jokoga Interactive as video game company for social impact has faced the challenge of creating a company logo to promote this characteristics.

The logo should display in a clear way that what we do are:

Amusing video games that bring social impact to players in order to transform the world through playing.

The result of the process of the logo creation has given the following outcome, this is the logo of “Jokoga Interactive”:


It was not easy to make it. It’s been a long and hard creation work, pictured below in differents steps:
The first logo suggested from the graphic team was this one:


Despite being a very good logo for a video game company, it was rejected for not incorporating  the “video games” concept on it, even the feature of “social impact” that the company pursues. In addition to this, the first sketch closely resembles a logo of a company that also makes video games in the same territory where “Jokoga Interactive” does its job.

The next suggested picture was focused on “video games”. This logo was loved by the whole team of “Jokoga Interactive”, it expressed very concisely the aspect of video game through a vintage arcade machine:


The picture was rejected, despite being incredibly attractive, because it did not show the feature of “social impact”.

Since we really liked the idea of  the “arcade machine” concept to represent a video game company, we kept the controls of the arcade machine and incorporate the earth globe in order to give more representation of the social character we wanted promote. The result:


We were not convinced, because it could be understood as “play with the world” rather than that we would “make a better world” through gaming. We kept trying new concepts:

logo_4The previous logo resembled the controls of an old 8-bit console. It had not  what “Jokoga Interactive” required.

We tested new concepts in the same line:

This time we added a Rubik’s Cube, considered a classic game  (not a video game) and added world´s  “texture”s on their walls. It was a good concept but still it seemed that we were playing with the world, and it was not strictly linked to the “video game”.

The process was on track, but it was not coming to an end. Until we created the following:


This time, to a cutted by a half earth globe some arcade machine controls were added. We loved this logo. It was what “Jokoga Interactive” is and pretends as it’s main focus: change the world through video games.

But visually it did not work, It was interpreted by people as an abstract bowl of cereals. We had to keep working on it to give more clarity to the globe. Until we joined  the two logos we liked the most, the “arcade machine” plus “bowl of cereals”:


Next step was to integrate the text with the image, testing various types of text, thinking about a good legibility etc.:


Select  appropriate colors:


Making a single color version and in case of having the dark background, its negative:


And a vertical version:


It’s been a beautiful birth.